MITAS Corporation: the name consists of the first letters of the group’s main offerings: Marking, Identification, Traceability, Automation, Authentication, Systems and Solutions.

MITAS Corporation consists of various direct fully-owned divisions and some partial or major shareholding businesses. These associated businesses provide related or complimentary offerings which leverage other entities in the group to provide full end-to-end bespoke solutions.

Every business that manufactures a product needs to mark and identify that product in some form or another, for reasons such as traceability, legal or regulatory compliance, consumer/client information, branding and others. For non-manufacturing clients, there is the requirement to manage products, organise assets, and facilitate maintenance and tracking of those assets.

Our diverse portfolio of businesses provides the most comprehensive range of solutions offered anywhere in the world. From tagging red hot billets of steel at over 1200° Celsius, to marking items immersed in liquid nitrogen; from marking products on stationary or slow manufacturing lines, to 120 000 items per hour and faster; and from standalone to portable –  the only thing we cannot mark is air…

…and we are working on that!

With the ever-increasing issues of fakes, counterfeits, and illicit trade, the need for more and more brand protection has become paramount. Our portfolio includes many overt, covert and forensic traceability solutions as well as integrated web and mobile device monitoring, tracking and authentication solutions.

Our speciality and drive for the client wherever possible is to mark all products with both man- and machine-readable data at item level. This Unit Level Traceability (ULT) with assimilation provides vital parent/child relationship information that can be linked to the businesses supply chain logistics, allowing traceability of goods from manufacturers to distributors and retailers – as well as all the way into the hand of the consumer.


MITAS is a Certified Level 2 B-BBEE Company



Focused on the FMCG, packaging, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and related industries, this division provides solutions such as:

  • Continuous inkjet, thermal inkjet, thermal transfer, large character and related inkjet systems.
  • Laser marking, coding, perforating and scoring solutions of the highest quality and standards.
  • Labelling, Print & Apply labellers, and fully automated labelling systems and tax stamping solutions for both the highest speed production lines, as well as slow manual hand operated labellers. There is nothing we cannot label!
  • Large character inkjets for secondary packaging or industrial identification marking, where we lead the continent in supplying the the biggest brands and the highest-quality offerings possible.

Traceability Solutions


Our roots and core business unit offers marking and identification solutions for mainly Primary Metals industry, Engineering, Automotive, Aviation, Mining, Construction and related industries. Products include pinstamping, scribing, laser, etching, stamping, paint and ink solutions and more.

Automation Solutions Africa


Automation Solutions Africa brings together the machinery and equipment from many other divisions into a turnkey solution for our clients. Providing custom and bespoke systems and solutions to assist manufacturers in simplifying their production processes or making things faster, easier or cheaper, ASA runs projects from concept to commissioning for any industry.



Systems One are leaders in the supply of RFID, Identification and Vision, and Logistics Automation solutions using Artificial Intelligence technology through deep learning.



Why buy a solution from the group when you wish to rent, lease or rent to own? Anything from our group can be financed through us for stand-alone systems to full maintenance and support leased systems. For many clients, the need to have our solutions sooner rather than later, but with no Capex available, we provide the solution now through an Opex model with complete peace of mind service, backup and support.


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